“Jörn is a proficient and highly professional archaeologist with a long-established track-record of high-quality archaeological research. His expertise in early medieval archaeology spans multiple regions of Europe and languages.”
Howard Williams, Professor of Archaeology, University of Chester

“During Jörn’s professional career in archaeology, he has been responsible for analysis and publication programmes ranging from the late Iron Age to post-medieval periods in Central and North-West Europe and has gained wide expertise in post-excavation project management. His proven experience, together with his linguistic skills and dedication to high-calibre finds research, make him excellently qualified in any and all of these fields.”
Barry Ager, Curator of the Continental Early Medieval Collection, The British Museum

“I had the privilege of being Jörn’s line-manager at Wessex Archaeology for six years, when he worked as a post-excavation manager and metalwork specialist. He also provided translations for the company as required. He is a knowledgeable, thoroughly conscientious and reliable specialist with a broad knowledge of, and interest in, many aspects of archaeology. As a manager he was responsible for bringing a number of projects to publication and for mentoring a less experienced staff. He was a great pleasure to have as part of a team.”
Karen Walker, Principal Post-Excavation Manager, Cotswold Archaeology (former Head of Specialist Services, Wessex Archaeology)

“Jörn is an extremely hard-working and conscientious individual with a wealth of experience of working with small finds of all periods, to which his continental background adds considerably. I had the pleasure of working with him for several years, and his encyclopedic knowledge never ceased to amaze me. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a specialist to any of my archaeological colleagues.”
Lorraine Mepham, Senior Project Manager, Wessex Archaeology

“Jörn participated in the publication “The Lady with the Phoenix Crown. Tang-Period Grave Goods of the Noblewoman Li Chui (711-736)”. He played a significant role as a copy-editor and was likewise responsible for final editing. With a strong feel for language and style, Jörn also translated from the German and was proofing contributions. His ability to get into a new topic very quickly and his strong motivation, which was always beyond the call of duty, had a great part in the success of the publication. The collaboration with the editors, authors and translators was always on top-level, both professionally and personally. As an editor it is a pleasure to work together with Jörn, and we are looking forward to our next collaboration.”
Alexandra Hilgner, Project-Coordinator, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz